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Neurobody Exercises (NBE) & Whole Person Facilitation (WPF)

A system of practical tools - body, mind, spirit -  for people who are ready to turn

hard times into optimal health and happiness.

Choose, Take charge, Let Go

#wholehearted by design

the journey…

the journey…

The Neurobody Exercises (NBE) are a series of postures, movements, breathing exercises and mental rehearsals uniquely designed to unwind physical tension, heal the neurobiology of trauma and stress accumulation, create a more resilient nervous system inoculated to stress, and support the optimal functioning of the body, mind & spirit. See below for more details about NBE.

Whole Person Facilitation (WPF) are offered individually as ongoing therapy and through 8-12 session tool packages delivered both online via video conference and at Michael’s office in Taos, NM (contact Michael via email). See below for more details about PFT. Most major insurance plans cover these services for New Mexico residents.

Neurobody Exercises are perfect for those who have endured trauma and/or suffer from “mental” health problems and want to heal their nervous system; for those who work in highly stressful environments and need resilient  and high functioning nervous systems; and for those who want to live #wholehearted lives realizing that our nervous system’s actually create our experience. A healthy nervous system equals a happy and more awesome life.

Neurobody Exercises are very important for providers working with trauma and dysregulated patients/clients on a regular basis. I’ve found that the exercises, once they assisted me in becoming symptom free (from my own experiences PTSD/TBI/depression/anxiety), have enabled me to be much more resilient in the face of high stress. It’s as if I am able to digest and more efficiently process the experiences of working with traumatized and dysregulated clients, as opposed to “getting triggered”, or suffering the very real symptoms of vicarious or secondary trauma. This has not only been a great gift for me, but for my family, as I am much more likely to come home at the end of an intense day to my wife and children present and joyful (as opposed to irritable, numb, and disconnected).

Neurobody Exercises are also designed  for generating optimal performance in competitive workplaces. We’ve all heard that “stress kills,” but the pendulum has swung too far with these notions. We need stress. The original scientist to put “stress“ on the map, Hans Selye,  actually meant something different, which was lost in translation. Selye differentiated between distress and eustress. Distress does cause all sorts of problems:  mental, emotional, physical, occupational, etc. But eustress, he noted, is essential for any organism to thrive. The Neurobody Exercises are designed to transform distress into eustress, enabling employees and/or athletes to not only be healthier and happier, but also to function at their highest capacity in the face of challenge. Any company that has the foresight to empower their employees with these tools will reap the dividends and high level athletes will enjoy easier access to “flow” states known as “being in the zone.”

Whole Person Facilitation tools complement the Neurobody Exercises and are for people seeking a personally tailored system of healing towards optimal health and happiness. The cultural trance will have us conditioned to believe that “therapy” is about “getting things off our chests”, “figuring out why”, and searching for the causes of our suffering. Our work together will not fit in the “normal” therapy frame, which is effective mostly at keeping us stuck reliving our past problems over and over again. Too often therapy simply doesn’t work. It may shift things around a bit, shuffle the deck, release a little tension, but there is often very little octave of true change. As your Personal Facilitation guide, my job is to work myself out of a job. Your job is to ace the curriculum and graduate by discovering who you really are by turning your problems into the fuel for a #wholehearted life. Once you have the tools, you become your own guide, equipped with the skills and resources not just to survive challenging times, but to thrive because of them.

Whole Person Facilitation tools useful whether you are suffering some particular ailment now or want to optimize and fine tune the health of your nervous system. Available as ongoing therapy or in 8-12 session tool packages for psycho- spiritual hygiene.

The TOOLS package includes:

  • 8-12 one-on-one sessions

  • 1 for initial assessment

  • 6-10 for learning the tools

  • 1 for making an individually tailored “prescription” for your continued health cultivation of body, mind and spirit

  • Practical and relevant theoretical information from the cutting edge of neuroscience, psychology, holistic medicine, non- denominational spirituality, social scientific research

  • Relevant Neurobody Exercises specifically designed for their ability to make your nervous system more resilient and high functioning

  • A series of breathing, meditation and mental rehearsal exercises to optimize your psycho-spiritual well-being

  • Recordings of guided meditations/mental rehearsals for addressing common problems we all face.

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