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Your focus becomes you

Life thrives on attention.

Consider what you pay the most attention to in your own life ― is it your work? Your relationships? Your material possessions? Your suffering?

This principle of reality ― that is, whatever you focus on, you become ― is often overlooked, taken for granted, or at least under utilized as a tool for creating the life you value and choose.

And most often, this principle is unconsciously used in the weaponizing of our thoughts against ourselves to promote our own destruction and despair each instance we think about, emote over, act upon and therefore experience realities altogether unhealthy.

Consider time―as it is measured on the clock and the calendar―as an artificial, (albeit useful), concept, but that a more useful way to measure time would be in the literal units of our life: heartbeats and breaths.

Here’s my challenge to you: Practice spending those heartbeats and breaths, on what it is you value and choose of life.

Naturally, this is a very obvious challenge from someone dedicated to helping people live their lives to the fullest, and surely, I’m not blowing anyone’s mind here in this mere introduction to what is truly possible.

So, here’s the real task: truly stop and make time to break down and assess your moment-to-moment reality and give deep consideration to what you are giving your precious beats and breaths to. This first step will take practice and purpose.

As an entry point, ask yourself what do you spend the bulk of your time thinking about, feeling and acting on?

Are you cohesive in what you think about, feel and act on? Or are you scattered? If you are cohesive and consistent with what you are giving your attention, do you see powerful and intense results― for better or worse? And if you are scattered, with your focus, well, are your results scattered?

We think an estimated 40,000 thoughts a day and each of these produces a cascade of chemicals, neurological reactions, and biological directives. What percentage of your 40k thoughts today created momentum that served you?

If you are like many people ― living by the dictates of “stress”― you might find 80% or more of your experience is dominated by fearful, anxious, bored, sad, angry, frustrated, critical, mean, offended, righteous, condescending, selfish, arrogant, checked out, disgusted, unworthy, lacking, not good enough, impoverished, hopeless, worried, unaware, ignorant, objectifying, greedy, covetous, jealous, slothful, insecure, doubtful, apathetic, thoughts and emotions.

If you fall into this range of normal thinking, fear not, there is hope. Let’s not confuse what is normal for what is natural. You can turn the tide in your favor.Like a magnifying glass which can focus the sun’s rays to create fire, we too can train our minds to create powerful results. Because, after all, it’s only a matter of nature, that your focus becomes you.


"Those who listen and agree nod their heads and their work (cultivating their thoughts, emotions and actions) ends. Those who listen and hear are shocked and their work deepens." - Buddha



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