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Michael Boyle, LMFT, CDBT


Traditional (boring) Bio:

For the last 4 years Michael has been working in various community mental health roles: lead crisis counselor, director of intensive outpatient substance abuse services, director of family behavioral health services and team lead for ACT (assertive community treatment). Prior to that Michael was a holistic health advisor with advanced training in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Michael is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with Masters degrees in transpersonal and clinical psychology, and is certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CDBT) and clinical hypnotherapy. He is a long time spiritual practitioner, enjoys everything outdoors Taos has to offer, and is a proud and dedicated husband and father of 3.

The real story short BIO (full length bio follows, which is even more real):

When I was very little I felt tremendous suffering. I shut down. Heart closed, I suffered more. Major depression. Anxiety. Panic. Trauma. Injury after injury. I stopped waiting to feel better and I woke up. Love was all that mattered. But I needed to get good at it. I could no longer numb out. Books, seminars, masters degrees, certifications, mentors. Thousands of clients. 20 years of R & D in the lab of my life: the alchemy of transforming suffering into being #wholehearted. As a result, I have developed the Neurobody Exercises (NBE) and Personal Facilitation Tools (PFT) for individuals, care providers, organizations, corporations. Are you ready to take charge? #wholehearted by design.

Contact me for more information or for a consultation. I offer services in my office in Taos, NM as well as remotely, via the Internet.  

Full Length Bio:

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to CHOOSE to be #wholehearted when I didn’t want to. I can’t count how many times I haven’t chosen #wholehearted even when I did want to. I’ve spent a lot precious heart beats wishing to feel better so that I could get on with being great. I’ve spent a lot of precious breaths waiting for the moment when the tide would turn so that it wouldn’t be so hard to CHOOSE to be #wholehearted. It was not until I realized that “the moment” wasn’t coming, that the tide actually turned. Everyday, to this day, countless times per day, I have to CHOOSE to be #wholehearted, even if, aside from, and especially when I don’t want to. Once I realized I wasn’t getting cheated, that happiness needs to be cultivated and that it doesn’t just “happen,” that it requires WORK, I was able to settle into the flow of life, embrace the suck, and CHOOSE wisely.

Deliberate dedication actions, coming from who I really am and moving towards who I AIM to be, have put depression, trauma, bad luck, “PTSD”, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, addiction, and traumatic brain injuries in their place… the PAST. Those all sucked enough when they were happening, and I paid the piper plenty, and so I choose not to re-live the past by re-acting it. Instead, I do my Neurobody Exercises, I study with mentors, I practice my Personal Facilitation tools for psycho-spiritual hygiene, I read books, I eat good food, I kiss my baby, I play with my boys, I adore my wife, I get my hands dirty and stand side by side with people who are suffering their most challenging moments, I root for Boston sports teams like an elitist, I ski steep terrain, I cook the best meatball you’ve had in a long time, I cry pretty much every time I watch a movie, and I decide to smile… because I can.

When I was about 5 years old I remember watching the news on my mother’s lap in the sunroom of my childhood home. I was devastated by the normalcy of suffering. I made a powerful and long lasting decision like kids sometimes do, to not feel that degree of pain anymore. I shut down. As a teenager I tried on all sorts of calloused stances, some of which I am not proud of, so that I could continue to NOT FEEL. Marijuana was great for that. Alcohol too. I became a party animal in college and wasted all sorts of athletic and academic talent. And then I crashed. First from a 3rd story balcony onto the ground in a blacked out stupor, then into a “vegetative depression” which turned a “big man on campus” to a 5 year old boy crying his every waking hour, under the covers of his fraternity bed.

From those darkest depths, I found life. Yes it’s cliche, but cliche often becomes so for good reason. I was forced into therapy and challenged to do yoga. I learned how to meditate and began reading books, lots of books. I had a palm pilot at the time, remember them? I copied every inspiring piece of text I read into that palm pilot and then I read, reread, and reread them again and again and again. I literally memorized hundreds of pages of book highlights. Books about spirituality, books about psychology, books about self-help, books about life. I discovered that the only purpose of my life was to love, but I knew that I better get damn good at doing it because I could no longer numb out to the pain and suffering all around me.

I went on to earn 2 master’s degrees in Psychology; to complete a 7-year training in advanced yoga, meditation and Ayurveda studies; to gain a license to practice psychotherapy along with a handful of certifications; to create and develop programs to serve my community’s most challenged families; etc. I am still obsessed about learning. I haven’t read a fiction book in 20 years. Learning is my pleasure! I still highlight all my books and re-read the highlights, again and again. I listen to books on audible that I’ve already read so I can hear them through another wisdom sense. I commit GEM’s to memory and integrate them into my life, which is an alchemical laboratory for transforming suffering into being #wholehearted.

Though I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of New Mexico where I live, “Michael Boyle Therapy” is far from typical and not limited by border. The Neurobody Exercises and Personal Facilitation Tools of “Michael Boyle Therapy” are the results of 20 years of research and development, not only in my own personal unfolding, which still benefits greatly from mentoring and continual work on myself, but also through my work with thousands of clients. I have no doubt that these tools will continue to evolve as I ever refine my approach through being #wholehearted. I look forward to opening the gift of my life, and helping you open YOURS! Since I was a young boy overwhelmed by the suffering I sensed in the world around me, I’ve been geared towards helping make the world a better place. We don’t have to agree on everything, you don’t need to live like I live, you don’t need to like what I like, you don’t need to believe what I believe. Diversity is life’s greatest treasure. I know that if I can help you feel your very best - body, mind and spirit - then you will discover and share the unique gifts that the world needs from you to be its best. Thank you for helping me fulfill my life’s purpose to make the world a better place. This is my “reason for being”. Let’s discover yours, and with it a life of optimal health and happiness.

Contact me for more information or for a consultation. I offer services in my office in Taos, NM as well as remotely, via the Internet.  




Bachelors of Arts, 2001

Transpersonal Psychology, 2008
Clinical Counseling Psychology, 2014

Advanced Holistic Studies “7 Year Program”, 2009

Certified Basic Provider, Key Supervisor
& Forensic Specialization, 2015

Certified, 2018




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