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“Even if, aside from, and especially because bad stuff happens, I choose to be #wholehearted.”


Michael Boyle


#wholehearted by design

Neurobody Exercises (NBE) & Whole Person Facilitation (WPF)

Therapy that works. A system of practical tools - body, mind, spirit -  for people who are ready to turn hard times into optimal health and happiness.

Choose, Take Charge, Let Go

My aim in life is to be more and more #wholehearted. To me that means living life with the courage to keep showing up and getting up. It also means to be present with a passion and zest for life. It means to care, to really care, to give much more than a damn, to give all I’ve got. It means to pursue,express and create excellence. It means to leave a legacy in every moment. It means to love even when, especially when, it feels hard or scary to do so. It means to get my hands dirty and say yes when I want to say no. It means compassion. It means empathy. It means understanding. It means being willing to just be with whatever is arising, knowing that the true GEMs of living are uncovered discomfort. It means to heal. It means to reveal that I was never broken. It means to be who I really am, who I have always been even though I have will continue to make mistakes. It means total forgiveness. It means trust. It means safety. It means kindness. It means laughing - a lot… more and more. It means exploring, discovering, learning, growing and creating. It means 1000%: head, heart and guts.

I look forward to helping you find your aim in life, providing you practical tools for cultivating optimal health and happiness. I specialize in short term therapies that teach you the skills you need to not need therapy. My aim is work myself out of a job.

I offer coaching and counseling face to face in my office as well as remotely via video conference. We are building a #wholehearted movement on social media, for people who don’t just want to cope with suffering, but end it. Join us! Because #togetherwethrive!

Read more about the types of services I provide here. And, read about my philosophy of care here.




Taos, NM; available online from anywhere


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My task is to work myself out of a job and yours is to thrive and grow into the person you really are.
— Michael


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